Loco=Crazy   Vida=Life 

“To do things never done before, to see beyond the obvious, to create ideas that impact millions, and to lose oneself in some places, only to find at the other. That is the purpose of life, our Crazy Life”

These lines have been inspired from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. It basically sums up what we want to do at Locovida.

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We invent. We tinker. We experiment with new technologies. We share snippets of our life experiences with each other. It helps influence the way we think and the way we work

Technology we love

  • Web Technologies :   jQuery, Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, XML, HTML5
  • Programming Languages:   PHP, .NET, ASP & Open Source
  • Databases:   MySQL , MS-SQL Server 2005/2008/2012

Who we are

We are a boutique digital technology and media company from Earth. We help our clients create awesomeness. We also help news portals and publishers with revenues and coolest technology solutions.

We are hiring

Publisher Relation

Responsible for identifying and collaborating with regional publishers, must have an understanding of publishing, advertising and network management. Know more

Account Management

Maintain healthy relationship with large accounts, ensure timely & successful delivery of projects and identify new growth opportunities with existing clients. Know more

Why Should You Work With Us

  • Five Days week: We strictly work 5 days a week
  • No Ego hassles: We are a small team and we leave our egos at home when we come to office
  • No Plan B: Everyone succeeds, we don’t create backups of each other. Helps us keep our costs down
  • No Monday blues: We do what we love, hence Monday doesn’t suck!
  • We do things we love: And we don’t take projects that won’t fit in our ethos, no matter the money!
  • A Tread mill and a Foosball table: This is on our wish list  We have the foosball table now
  • Mandatory leave/holiday policy: You will have to compulsorily exhaust your leaves, no excuses for staying and slogging
  • Office closes at 6 pm: We encourage people to leave office at 6 pm